Thursday, 20 October 2011

Video on Climate change

Video on Climate Change for Letters from the Sky COP 17

Marius van Straaten for his time and for creating beautiful images
Visual Impact for the gear
Braam du Toit for allowing me to use his music (the track is MEISIE - KLASKAMER IN DIE VELD)
Cameron de Klerk for being such a star
His parents, Edwin and Nathalie for allowing him on the shoot
Nathalie, Marius and Jo for being the voices of the film
Tusa for lending us her 'hand'!
Linda for antique looking things like fans, heaters and light swithces
Al-Marie and Alten for the fan
Sarna for the heater
All the people I met on the road
Kai Losgott from LETTERS FROM THE SKY for the inspiration and advice

My friends for support, criticism and advice
Johan, for uploading and pouring my wine while I work
And all the people I met on the road

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